Monster Beach Series

Monster Beach: The Series

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Two surfer siblings, Jan & Dean, live with their drop-out uncle on a beach paradise. The only catch is that it is inhabited by monsters!

Monster Beach the series takes up where the award winning tele feature left off. Our heroes Jan and Dean live with their drop-out Uncle Woody overlooking the best break in the world. It should be packed out but it isn’t due to the locals being very scary looking… Monsters! They’re not a bad bunch when you get to know them, they’re actually a lot of fun! The notable exception is the megalomaniacal and all round royal pain – Dr Knutt and his band of Tiki henchmen. Unfortunately, for Dr Knutt, the game changed when Jan and Dean arrived on the scene ruining every one of his nefarious schemes. While Iki Iki Island may be a tropical paradise, it’s a community split into two camps, with the Monsters on one side and humans on the other, leaving Jan and Dean precariously somewhere in the middle. Life’s never dull for Jan and Dean who wouldn’t change a thing. Cruising in hot rods and hanging with surfing Monsters… even the bumbling, evil Dr Knutt is just too much FUN!